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    For the People ~ By the People ~ With the People

    This is an equal opportunity movement. A true American movement! We have come together to create a safe, more free community for all Americans alike. We directly oppose sharia law in America, and we will put pressure on our establishment to follow our constitution without hesitation. We continually support our veterans, police, first responders, active military and any and all other true Americans. We fly old glory and we make sure she is never removed or shamed. We are activists in our communities and we are looking for everyone who wants to save america. We continue to protest on many issues facing America today. Taxes, Drugs, Homelessness, Depression, Abortion, Healthcare, School choice, Home Owners. We can no longer stay silent. this tyranny in America needs to stop and we are here to do that without persecution. We are the True American Movement! #MAGANATIONWIDE

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    Wake Up America!


    This is your duty America! It is up to us as citizens to protect our seats, our home!  We must vote red. We must fill these seats with republicans who will work for us. We cannot allow these seats to be filled with those looking to destroy our great nation. Do your duty America! Vote RED in November.

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